Meet Our Team

Our Leadership Team

SUMA's Team is responsible for executing our strategic vision running global playbooks, and  ensuring the success of our clients on a hyper-local basis. 

Carolina Samsing
Chief Executive Officer @Nubox
Alejandro Bonilla
Founder, Chief Executive Officer @Bind-ERP
Pamela Viarengo
Chief Executive Officer @Colppy
Matt Cole
Chief Executive Officer @SUMA
Juan Ignacio Onetto
Chief Product Officer @SUMA + Founder @Colppy
Pablo Catoggio
Regional Financial Lead @SUMA + Chief Financial Officer @Nubox
Fernanda Lesmes
Regional Revenue Lead @SUMA + Chief Revenue Officer @Nubox
Andrés Czerny
Regional Customer Lead @SUMA + Chief Customer Officer @Nubox
Javiera Rios
Regional Talent Lead @SUMA + Chief People Officer @Nubox
Alejandro Arancibia
Business Analytics Lead @SUMA
Santiago de la Vega
Head Corporate Development @SUMA
Eliezer Garza
Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer @Bind-ERP