What we do

Largest SMB SaaS player in Spanish speaking Latin America

SUMA is working to empower +1 million Small Businesses  in Latin America with a simple and intuitive financial management platform that allows entrepreneurs to gain visibility and control of their businesses.

Currently, SUMA's Software-as-a-Service solutions support +100,000 Small Businesses in Spanish Speaking Latin America, via world-class, cloud-based platforms which allow users to manage financial performance, issue electronic invoices, calculated payroll obligations, keep accurate accounting records, and prepare taxes. 

SUMA's global vision and local solutions are a key element of its Global-Local DNA, combining to accelerate growth via winning global strategies, while assuring that clients can successfully navigate hyper-local regulatory environments.  

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Market Leaders
Supporting +100,000 Small Businesses in Spanish Speaking Latin America
Integrated Platforms
Mission-critical platform for SMB management, bank-integration,accounting, tax, payroll, and financing solutions.
Connecting the best local solutions for SMBs in Latin America
More About Us

Currently, we operate in Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.

SUMA is a growth enabler: running regional playbooks, generating product synergies, while navigating hyper-local regulatory environments to unlock winning formulas for growth.